Hello, my name is Lynne Torres, and together with my husband Rick, we are Torii No Akitas.

Being second generation dog show folk, my parents instilled in me from the very beginning that quality is always strived for, but good temperament and health are first and foremost. That’s why here at Torii No Akitas, the goal is to breed exceptional temperament, health and then dogs that reflect the AKC Akita Standard. 


We have had Akitas for more than 30 years, and in that time, have only bred nine litters to date. This is our way of making sure the dogs we produce reflect our standards and commitment to the breed. 

Our dogs are as sound in temperament, as they are in structure and type. We plan every breeding very carefully, to make sure we keep the temperament and health that is so important to us, along with improving on the dogs physical structure, striving for the best dog possible by the standard.

There are no “kennels” here. We have a ½ acre divided into thirds where the dogs spend their days. There have never been more than five dogs and one cat that live with us to assure they all get the love and attention they deserve. All of our dogs get the house time it takes to make them exceptional companions, as well as outstanding show potentials.

We hope you enjoy our website!

Lynne & Rick Torres
Torii No Akitas